Kick-It Clinic celebrates 10th year

By: Addie McBee
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On Friday, July 13, the Totushek family led their 10th annual Kick it Clinic at Lembi Park. The soccer clinic had a total of 28 kids involved this year, along with several high school students working as mentors.

Originally started 10 years ago by Maria Totushek, the clinic is an effort to give back to the community.

“She went through a round of cancer and she felt super blessed to have the community come together and help her through that time so she wanted to pay it forward,” Maria’s daughter Madison said. “She created the clinic called the Kick it Clinic for a family who was going through cancer and gave all the proceeds to this family. My mom passed away in 2015 from cancer and now the program has progressed and we are doing it in her honor.”

Now the clinic raises money for a scholarship that will be given to high school students who played soccer, done community service and helped pass it on like Totushek did.

During the clinic, kids ran through stations organized by high school students.

“Each of the stations are designed to work on a fundamental part of soccer that you learn in that stage,” Madison said. “The younger kids will be focusing more on kicking with the inside of their foot and the simpler things that you learn when you’re first playing soccer. The older kids will have a little more advanced skills and stations like passing and working together and some competitions that deal with the technicality of soccer.”

After the clinic is over, there were many silent auction items to bid on, snow cones to enjoy and even a visit from the fire department. The fire department brought one of their engines to create a large water fountain and cool down the athletes.

“My favorite part is the fire fighters for sure because the kids just get a second wind when they come and it’s really cool to see them come and enjoy the finale of the clinic,” Madison said. “They look like they are so relieved by the water cooling them off after the hot summer day. It’s just a really cool thing to see them enjoying that.

Madison continues to run the camp with the help of her three sisters. “Makena was a trainer and helped with the silent auction part of it and going out to the companies and receiving donations from them,” Madison said. “Mikayla was a trainer as well with the younger kids and Rosie is usually in charge of the snow cones.”

Madison was pleased with how the clinic went.

“I thank everyone who has come out, and am really appreciative that we get to keep doing this,” Madison said. “It’s really cool that we get to still give back in some way to students who have a dream of pursuing college. The mission of this has been to always give back to someone in need. Now we are trying to give back to the younger age group to go off to college and help them financially that way.”